About us

We are all passionate about nature, its forms and colors because they make us feel more human than usual and relax us like few things in this life. It is not surprising that if you live in the middle of the city and traffic do not think much to escape to a quiet place and in full contact with nature.

Font Roja Onil Garden Center

Font Roja Onil Garden Center is a piece of paradise at your fingertips. Not only will you enjoy a visit to this magnificent nursery and contemplate plants, flowers, fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs and gardens, but you can take home part of this little Eden so that you can experience the same sensations in your house.
What do we have for you? More than you can imagine: we are history because we are endorsed by 15 years in the sector and we still follow the path to innovation and a better quality of service that does not go unnoticed to our customers. And like everyone in their fifteen years, we are still in full development as this is the second nursery in Alicante, a situation that makes evident our success and professionalism.
We are a first class professional service because when we choose plants, flowers, fruit trees, shade trees, shrubs and garden decoration, not everything is limited to the taste for colors and shapes, but a professional of the area will guide you with Irrigation, nutrition and other important care to keep plants always healthy.
You do not have to worry about reading gardening books because our personalized advice will give you a better vision of what you want and what you should look for. However, in this garden center we are your helping hand when it comes to maintaining your existing plants or garden, as we offer the specialized service when you require it.

Come and visit us at Font Roja Onil Garden Center and delight your senses with the huge range of plants, flowers and services that we have to offer. It is the Garden of Eden only a few steps away; very close to you!